Monday, January 25, 2016

Some General Advice

As I will shortly be heading off on an adventure, I've been looking back through the journal I kept while interrailing with two friends almost five years ago. I found this list on one of the front pages.

  • Always take gaffa tape. Not matter how your friends scoff, they’ll end up using it.
  • Don’t worry about getting a penknife through security. As long as your friend has cutlery, they won’t notice you.
  • Never conduct German lessons on the metro.
  • Always read the instructions for cooking pasta.
  • Gits are far superior to gîtes.
  • Always look at the ceilings in art galleries.
  • If you meet a Mexican on the train, just say no.
  • ALWAYS check the location of your hostel first.
  • Always climb things. You might be amazed.
  • Always take a lighter to the opera.
  • If someone asks to take pictures of your toes, SAY NO.
  • Don’t draw pictures of hedgehogs next to information that you might need to show people.
  • Don’t validate your ticket the first time you get on a tram; wait until you have to.
  • Don’t drop your backpack on a nun.
  • Just because it’s pretty, don’t expect it to have running water.
  • Make friends with the hostel cat for an attentive conversation partner.
  • Don’t cheat at rummy unless you want to be penalised.
  • Always take a journal.

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