Friday, March 20, 2009

I Like Homophones

A little scribble that I wrote in English (with the help of Tasha and the hindrance of Henry).

The bare bear and his boy looked to see whether the weather was fine.

"Look son, sun!" said the bear to his boy
"To be sure!" said the boy as they walked on the shore.
"Do you see," said the bear "the sea and the quays?"
"That's the key" said his son as they strolled in the sun.
"And the seals and the sails" continued the bear.
"Ceiling sales?" asked his boy.

"Have you an oar?" asked the bear to his heir. "We can row in the air, if you have an oar."
So they sailed through the night in their boat 'The Red Knight' and the bear read a book, as was his wont.
"What I want," said the bear "is a tale about tails."
"No, I know" said the boy, as he rowed to the buoy. So the bear and his heir sailed in the air, in the boat 'The Red Knight', as the weather was right.